Morning Glory

Wait what!! Two posts in a day@#!! Holy @#%$ Truth be told, I am a little lonely and going through my photos is my favourite thing to do. Just browse and relive. So as I am nearing the time when I have to leave this house with the beautiful view, I wanted to remember the… Continue reading Morning Glory

Goodbyes and Toasties

Another 6 month hiatus, or was it 9 and for those who don’t read my blog, never mind, I have been my consistent self as always. But I have been busy. That is a great excuse. Yes let’s go with that. However, as I sit at home, not that busy, I got right back to… Continue reading Goodbyes and Toasties

Cooling Kulfi

As I have previously confessed I am obsessed with cooking shows. I watch them all. To the extent, that my Family panics every time he hands me the remove, extracting a solemn promise that I will not tune in to Food Network and then permanently plant myself on “my spot” of the couch. As if.… Continue reading Cooling Kulfi

Making Memories in Melbourne

They say a man is a sum of his surroundings- Who says this? I am not sure. But our surrounding does influence our thinking and feeling. I am new to Melbourne and everywhere I turn ┬ásee something new. All I want is to stop and take photographs because I love to capture things I see… Continue reading Making Memories in Melbourne

Taste of Harmony

Now this post is a bit delayed since Taste of Harmony was nearly three weeks ago. I thought it was a nice initiative and though there is no fundraising component attached to it, the event itself was well enjoyed by all attendees. I think the TOH website itself give lots of ideas to what you… Continue reading Taste of Harmony

Fish Stew- a’la rustico

Hello everyone. How’s everyone doing today? Well? C’mon really, it’s Friday tomorrow, isn’t that exciting. Hmmmphhfff. Man you guys are hard work!! Just kidding, I love you guys. Anyway, I think it is so interesting that I am posting back to back posts on fish recipes. I mean I don’t even like fish. Wait, let… Continue reading Fish Stew- a’la rustico

Fish in a box

Now I love to cook. And my friends who don’t even like to cook, often are beyond amazed by the simplest of dishes.. which I adore and love. The look of “Did you really make this!!!” kind of expression. Its sweet and reminds me why I love them. Cuz cuz there’s nothing more awesome than… Continue reading Fish in a box